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Generative AI + Chat Engine

The implementation of Natural Language Processing in the process of development. Kanda Cr8 is able to generate brand new websites everytime as opposed to using duplicated templates like our competitors

Number of sites

Ability to generate more than one website in a go. This is not a common feature but it should be because it has a massive positive impact on SEO.

1,000 +1,000+
3D Components

3D introduces a new layer of expression that's possible with your website. Check out our mascot at https://cr8.ai/mascot to see how 3D objects can be personalized to your liking if you'd rather not use the number of 3D objects in our engine

Bundles, not individual subscriptions

With our Cr8Engine bundle, you save on the most important things like social media and asset management including logo creation.

Emphasised simplicity and External Integration

Over the years, we've painstakingly planned out how we'll accomplish the goals of simplifying things for the end user to the point where a child could create their own website by tightly integrating our platform wih Artificial intelligence for generative and accurate representation of what your goals are. Additionally, you'll be able to simply update your website by having a conversation with our system. We've also streamlined the process of connecting with the external tools and services you may need.

Control Styles via Customizer

Using our conversation oriented system, you'll be able to change the CSS or different section of different pages of your website

Image Generation with AI

In the nearer future, we'll integrate features of Artificial Intellgence within the image generation space for unique use case we are yet to conclude on. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates

Advanced Content
Menu Item Icons

Add Font Awesome Icons to your menu items

Menu Item Images

Add images to your menu items

Custom Menu Item Content

Add custom text, HTML, or shortcodes to your menu items

Menu Item Widgets

Add widgets to your menu items

And more
"Show More" content reveal functionality

Add a "show more" toggle within your submenu to reveal extra menu items

Integrate via Widget

Add saved Bellows menus to your site via widget

Ability to disable links, disable text, set custom URLs, shortcode-based URLs, choose icon toggles, and more!