Kanda Cr8

The Website Operating System Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The modern web is yearning for the cr8tor in you. A.I is the answer for the future of web development that is oriented towards identity. A unique image for your arts, business, shop, showcase, and more on the internet. (coming soon)


Quick Start

Interact with our conversational Kanda Bot system to deploy your website in literal minutes. Nope; no credit card details are needed. Just the absolutely necessary information to kickstart your cr8tion journey.


Dashboard Ready

Jump right into your dashboard after your website has been cr8ted by YOU with help from our A.I ... Continue to navigate through your configuration options. Get ready to launch in step 3!


Deployment and Launch

Now that you're all set and done, it's time to publish you on the internet. Continue your journey by reaching out to our customer success representatives right from your dashboard to answer any questions you may have along the way.

*steps are subject to change

Mobile responsive

AMP and PWA Ready

Kanda Cr8 is transforming the web development landscape

For the modern web

Secure, Accessible, and Powerful

Deploy a fast and functional website for your small business powered by Artificial Intelligence

Unique and Functional

Your Identity on the internet

You're born unique therefore, you deserve an identity on the internet that's exclusively yours and no one else's

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When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor - Elon Musk


Web & Commerce

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve by embracing Web3 technologies in our processes. We are actively assessing the potential it brings us as a company as well as the long-term potential for our cr8tor base. We won't shy away from all the possibilities but actively embrace them. To learn more subscribe to our newsletter.



Cr8tors have defined the human intellect for centuries. The art landscape is always transforming, seasons change, your uniqueness is precious, Kanda Cr8 is founded with a deep love for the arts as the founder strongly identifies with his art. Use our website operating system to power your future on the web but don’t stop there; let's partner with you and actively push your cr8tions out to the world with our Cr8engine bundle exclusive for Cr8tors..


Entertainment + Business

When you’re in a league of your own, you do things differently like we do. Start your business with us and watch your baby scale automagically. We’ll be here to see it all the way through so you can focus on growing ... no more generic underrepresentation of your business with ugly templates that's shared by thousands of other customers. At cr8.ai, we do it differently. Your brand identity stays your all through.