Kanda Cr8

The Website Operating System Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The modern web is yearning for the cr8tor in you. AI is the answer for the future of web development that is oriented towards identity. A unique image for your arts, business, shop, showcase, and more on the internet.


Initial Process

We launch on Indiegogo, rapidly accelerate development, release an alpha in less than 6 months, sign up beta testers after an intense period of alpha testing.


Beta and Testing

After a satisfactory process of alpha testing and overall feedback, we will make an initial wider availability to our early backers to beta test for another three months period.


Deployment and Launch

We will continue to monitor our systems and optimize for a wider rollout to the rest of our backers with a timeline for general public availability.

*steps are subject to change

Mobile responsive

AMP and PWA Ready

Kanda Cr8 is transforming the web development landscape

For the modern web

Secure, Accessible, and Powerful

Deploy a fast and functional website for your small business powered by Artificial Intelligence

Unique and Functional

Your Identity on the internet

You’re born unique therefore, you deserve an identity on the internet that’s exclusively yours and no one else’s

Jesse Afolabi

Jesse Afolabi

Founder & CEO

Divine Martins Okoi

Divine Martins Okoi


Aaron K Kili

Aaron K Kili

Linux Sys Admin/Senior Developer

Lamin Kanteh

Lamin Kanteh

Senior Developer and Technical Support

Praise Ebube Agu

Praise Ebube Agu

Marketing Director

Onyinye Ugwuoke

Onyinye Ugwuoke

Support Specialist

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When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor – Elon Musk


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We’ve been building and managing websites for over a decade. We’re bringing a new experience to web development with A.I